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Turbine Technologies as the Back-Bone for the Energy Transition

25 September 2018 Towerpark Prague


The Need for Flexible Backup Power

The share of renewable energy sources (RES) has constantly grown over the past years and still increases rapidly. However, due to the intermittent nature of RES, flexible backup power is needed to ensure the stability of the grid. To date, the most suitable and economically viable solution are conventional power plants to fulfil this requirement.To accomplish this supporting role, existing fossil fuel power plants and their most critical components need to be made significantly more robust to allow for highly flexible operation.

Panel and open discussion

Apart from getting an overview about current research projects on flexibility and their initial results, the event invites to an open discussion on advanced turbine technologies and how they can contribute to the transition process towards a future low carbon energy sector. A panel discussion with experts in the field will give the opportunity to get a differentiated picture of the topic while related challenges and opportunities as well as potential political, economic and scientific implications will be discussed.

How current European Research Contributes to the Energy Transition

The European innovation projects FLEXTURBINE and TURBO-REFLEX aim at developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to existing and new power plants that will significantly contribute to more flexible operation of thermal power plants. The mission of the projects is to strongly advance state-of-the-art fossil fuel power plant engine technology to allow flexible high load changes required to enable higher share of sustainable renewable energy in the European power grid. This includes individual technology component improvements as well as new sensor and monitoring technologies that allow condition-based maintenance and repair as well as optimised operation. Through the solutions developed within the projects, 10% of the installed fossil capacity could be retrofitted by 2030. With regards to economic benefits, the solutions developed within the FLEX projects have the potential for an annual cost reduction of 100 million EUR at the European level.


Jiří Šmondrk – CEO Doosan Škoda Power

Jiří Šmondrk has become CEO of the company in 2010. Since 1986 he worked in the Turbine Detailed Design department and Technical Proposals department. He has been in management positions since 1992, and in 2002 he became Director of Project Execution. Subsequently, he became Director of Business and Execution and since 2005 he has been the Executive Director of the Company. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Mechanical and Electrotechnical Engineering in Pilsen.

Ján Štuller - Government Special Envoy for Nuclear Energy

Ján Štuller Government Special Envoy for Nuclear Energy of the Czech Republic. His main responsibilities include, among others, ensuring the implementation of the approved National Action Plan for the Development of Nuclear Energy in the Czech Republic, coordination of the preparation and modification of the legislation with impact on the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, coordination of the self-government during the preparation and construction of nuclear power plants and, last but not least, negotiations on behalf of the Standing Committee on Nuclear Energy with international partners in the field of nuclear energy development, including strategic partners and co-operators. Mr Štuller has been the Director of the Nuclear Safety Assessment Department of the State Office for Nuclear Safety and previously he worked at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Dr Michael Ladwig - President EU Turbines

Dr Michael Ladwig is an aeronautical engineer by education and has over 32 years of professional experience in the field of gas turbines and all types of thermal power plant technology. His experience spans over engineering, marketing & product strategy and technical sales support. Since 2012 he is responsible for the technology co-operations with external research institutions globally in GE Power, as well as the relationships with scientific associations and external funding agencies. He represents GE Power in the board of EUTurbines, the European association of gas and steam turbine manufacturers and was elected President of EUTurbines beginning of 2016.

Dr Alexander Wiedermann - Senior Manager Advanced Product Design & Innovation MAN Energy Solutions

Dr Alexander Wiedermann is Specialist and responsible for Advanced Product Design in the Gas Turbine Engineering Department of MAN Energy Solutions in Oberhausen, Germany. He looks back at 30 years of professional experience in Gas Turbine Development and joined MAN in 1999 after having worked in Japan with Takasago Research and Development Centre of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for more than 7 years. As one of his tasks, he is engaged in organizing national and EU funding projects and is currently chairman of AG Turbo, a national turbomachinery research platform in Germany. He is member of the Executive board of both FLEXTURBINE and TURBO-REFLEX projects.

Dr Ivan Dudurych – Chartered Power System Consultant Engineer at EIRGRID, Associated Professor

Dr Ivan Dudurych has more than 35-year experience in power systems both in the Academia and in the Industry as a professor and an engineer. His academic career involves universities in Ukraine, Poland and Ireland. Since 2003 he is with EIRGRID, where he is responsible for developing and implementing policies and tools on operational security of the synchronous system of Ireland and Northern Ireland with unprecedented level of intermittent renewable sources of energy. He is the author of more than 80 scientific and technical papers, Senior Member of IEEE, Chartered Engineer of Engineers Ireland, member and convenor of professional bodies in IEEE and CIGRE. He represents the power industry consulting group in the FLEXTURBINE Project.

Moderation: Christa Friedl, Scientific Journalist


Time Item Speakers
10:00 - 10:15

Welcome note, Introductory presentation

Jiří Šmondrk

10:15 - 10:30

The pathway forward for turbomachinery in Europe

Michael Ladwig

10:30 - 11:00

Contemporary and future flexibility requirements for fossil fuel turbines

Ivan Dudurych

11:00 - 11:30

FLEXTURBINE and TURBO-REFLEX projects presentation

Alexander Wiedermann

11:30 - 12:00

Coffee break

12:00 – 13:30

Panel discussion: Flexible thermal power plants for the future energy market

Jiří Šmondrk, Ján Štuller, Michael Ladwig, Alexander Wiedermann, Ivan Dudurych


End of Meeting

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